Become a chocolate connoisseur with a more advanced experience and delve deeper into the process of cacao cultivation and making chocolate!

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As a chocolate lover, you should opt for our extended chocolate tour which includes more information and more advanced activities. “The Classic Tour” offers lessons and practice in cultivating and splitting cacao pods. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional way of making chocolate, singing and dancing with our farmers.
After an excellent local lunch, gain advanced knowledge on the fermentation and drying processes and their importance in creating a quality chocolate.


  • A delicious cup of hot chocolate, at the beginning of the tour
  • A walk through our organic cacao plantation, where you will learn the origins and secrets of a quality chocolate.
  • A visit to our chocolate factory, where you will learn about the different process involved in the making of an exquisite chocolate.
  • A traditional Dominican Lunch
  • Delve deeper into the post-harvest process
  • Tasting chocolate with all five senses
  • Your own chocolate bar

Also Available:

  • Transportation (minimum 2 people)


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