Descubre los secretos de la elaboración del chocolate más delicioso en un divertido viaje a una auténtica plantación de cacao. ¡Vive de cerca la asombrosa transformación de una simple mazorca en el chocolate más rico y exquisito!

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On our Classic Cacao Tour, you’ll learn the steps necessary to make quality cacao. It all begins with the sowing. You can sow your own cacao plant, learn about the harvest, the splitting of the pod and the extraction of the beans. Then we continue with the post-harvest process: fermentation and drying, which are determining factors in the quality of the chocolate. Learn about the Dominican Republic’s ecosystem and why it offers the perfect conditions for growing fine cacao which is transformed into the best quality chocolate.

After that, visit the La Esmeralda Chocolate Factory, where the various chocolate aromas will enchant you. Learn about the steps needed to make a delicious chocolate bar – and even make your own!


  • A delicious cup of hot chocolate, at the beginning of the tour
  • A walk through our organic cacao plantation, where you will learn the origins and secrets of a quality chocolate.
  • A visit to our chocolate factory, where you will learn about the different process involved in the making of an exquisite chocolate.
  • Your own chocolate bar

Also Available:

  • A traditional Dominican Lunch


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